Marketing & Sales Intern/Marketing & Sales Executive @ Smart Sports Technology Start up in Mumbai/Pune

We are a Smart Sports Technology Start up, founded by IIM-A and NITIE graduates, which took its shape with the enthusiasm of each of us to pursue sports not as an external entity but as necessity. We want to imbibe this same idea for sports into the society where sport is definitely not a household thing. During our journey as sports aficionados, we found that sports, though highly discussed in all sort of groups, is not practiced in real life. The reasons for this was having difficulty in finding suitable infrastructure, inability to find similar level partners to play with and lack of proper publicity on the infrastructure operator’s side.  As we all know, sports and fitness go hand in hand. We are striving to address all the difficulties with the help of smart technology which will help us build an ecosystem for connecting various kind of sports enthusiasts to a sports facility and vice versa.

Job Description:

·         As an Intern/Executive, your job is to visit sports facilities, academies, infrastructures, or sports facility providers, interact with the official authorities/decision makers and convince them to get on board on our technology while taking note of proper contact info of the authorities/decision makers which will be helpful in the future.
·         A proper questionnaire will be provided for this purpose, but it is expected for the intern to add up anything she/he wants whenever possible
·         The next step is to understand their on and off zones according to the flow of customers day wise/season wise and suggest the preplanned booking or registration facility we can offer
·         Finally, the last step is to convert this into providing a total back-end solution for the facility
·         Note that all these processes are continuous processes and need a persistent follow up
·         The first step essentially ensures the verification of the facility and the addition of the same into our database. The later steps ensure that we are catering to the pain points of the facility providers and helping them in long run
·         Reporting is to be done to the Area manager

Key Skills:

  • ·      Patience and readiness to listen to the existing problems of facility providers
  • ·         Good communication skills in English, Hindi and regional language
  • ·         Persistence and ability to have a positive follow up
  • ·         Good time management and route management in city
  • ·         Good problem solving ability

Essential Criteria: Good communication skills and ability/willingness to travel extensively

Opportunity Window: 11th December 2014 – 14th December 2014

Work Duration:  20th December onwards

Positions vacant: 5

Contact: Ujwal - 9662080059 or Praveen - 9021129424

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